What is Digital Music Masters All About?

Digital Music Masters is an online training academy for music producers designed to help you achieve your goals in music production no matter what your skills level is or whenever you live in the world.

At DMM we have different types of music and audio training programs that can help you achieve your goals and learn at your own pace.

DMM is run by lead instructor Tomas George who has been writing and producing music for over 15-years and has been teaching music production online since 2016. Tomas specialises in teaching music composition and production as well as DAW training and teaching audio and video production online.

DMM includes courses from other industry professionals as well as many Music Production courses from senior instructors Ian Alexander and Christopher Carvalho.

Ian Alexander is our Mixing and Mastering expert. Ian is a professional mixing and mastering engineer as well as a music production trainer who specialises in all things audio.

Christopher Carvalho specialises in helping independent music artists and producers create and release their music.

What do we teach you at DMM?

  • DAW Training

  • Mixing and Mastering

  • Music Theory

  • Songwriting

  • Recording

  • Audio Engineering

  • Music Business

  • Video Production

Why Choose DMM?

Our courses at Digital Music Masters are taught by expert Music Production Instructors who have taught over 275,000 students worldwide.

We would love to invite you into our education platform to help you improve your skills today!

We have over 500 HD video lectures and for a fraction of the price of a university or a music conservatoire, we can teach you all the skills you need to make amazing sounds songs or become a professional musician.

We are some of the most experienced music teachers and trainers online and would like to give you the opportunity to improve your music and audio skills today!

Our most popular program is our Monthly Membership where you get full access to all of our online courses, which is 40+ courses and 500+ HD video lectures.


What Specific Skills can you Learn with our Monthly Membership?

Here at Digital Music Masters, we have created a large collection of HD Online Courses that can help you rapidly improve at:

✅ Logic Pro X - Digital Audio Workstation

✅ Ableton Live - Digital Audio Workstation

✅ FL Studio - Digital Audio Workstation

✅ Studio One - Digital Audio Workstation

✅ Electronic Music Production

✅ Vocal Recording

✅ Audio Engineering

✅ Songwriting

✅ Mixing

✅ Mastering

✅ Music Business and Marketing

✅ Video Production

✅ And Much More!