What are you going to learn in the course?

  • Over 2+ Hours and 30 HD Video Lectures

    This course is for independent music artists and producers looking to pursue a career in the new music business.

  • This course will cover such topics as :

    Copyright, Royalties, Publishing, Streaming, Facebook and Youtube monetisation, Distribution, and much more!

  • How will this course help me?

    After taking this course, you will feel more confident and better informed when navigating the ever-complex business of music.

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Understanding the Modern Music Business

  • 3

    Building your Brand and Artist Entrepreneurship

    • Building and Monetizing your Fan Club
    • Pre Save Spotify Toneden
    • Fan Links Toneden
    • Creating a Website with Square Space - A Brief Overview
    • How to make a Lyric Video in Final Cut Pro X
    • Finding Templates for a Lyric Video or Visualizer
    • How to Find a Freelancer to Editing a Music Video Template
    • How to set up Amazon Affiliate Links and where to put them
    • Outsource and create logo with Freelancer Competitions
    • Creating a Print on Demand t-shirt with Merch by Amazon
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