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  • Over 4+ Hours and 25 HD Video Lectures

    In this Film and TV Composing and Producing course in Logic Pro X course, you’ll learn all the tools and processes to make great sounding Film + TV music.

  • This course will cover such topics as :

    Analyzing a Film Score, Writing from a Brief, Composing a Film Score, Using Logic Pro X Samples, Using East West Samples, Using Kontakt Libraries and much more!

  • How will this course help me?

    In this course the essential techniques and tips used by composers and producers today for writing and producing music to the moving image.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Before we get Started

    • Before we get Started
  • 2

    Analysing a Film Score

  • 3

    Writing from a Brief

  • 4

    Composing a Film Score

  • 5


    • Kontakt and East West Play Introduction
    • Kontakt Samples
    • East West Play Samples FREE PREVIEW
    • Multi-Instruments with Kontakt Intro
    • Kontakt Multi COMPLETE
    • Multi-Output East West Play COMPLETE
    • Send Effects
  • 6

    The Roles of Film Music

    • History of Film Music Introduction
    • The Roles of Film Music - Part 1
    • The Roles of Film Music - Part 2
    • The Roles of Film Music - Part 3
    • 3 Key Concepts FREE PREVIEW
    • Conceptualising
  • 7

    Thanks and Bye

    • Thanks and Bye

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