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  • Over 3+ Hours and 30 HD Video Lectures

    In this course, you will gain an understanding of Music Theory and how to learn the write Chords, Scales and Modes

  • This course will cover such topics as :

    Major Scales, Triads, Inversions, Major, Triads, 7th Chords, Extended Chords, Suspended Chords, Minor Scales, Modes, Song Analysis, and Much More!

  • How will this course help me?

    This course will improve your Music Theory and also your Music Composition abilities in any Digital Audio Workstation!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Chords, Scales and Modes

    • Before we get started
    • Section Introduction FREE PREVIEW
    • Scales Introduction FREE PREVIEW
    • Working out a Major Scale FREE PREVIEW
    • Working out a Major Key of a Melody
    • Major Keys and Scales
    • Major Scale on a Score
    • Triads
    • Inversions
    • Working out the Chords in a Major Scale
    • Different Ways to Write out Chords
    • Working out Major and Minor Triads
    • Diminished and Augmented Triads
    • 7th Chords
    • Extended Chords
    • Suspended Chords
    • Circle of 5ths
    • How to Change Key
    • Natural Minor Scale
    • Chords in the Minor Scale
    • Harmonic Minor Scale
    • Melodic Minor Scale
    • Modes
    • Ionian
    • Dorian
    • Phrygian
    • Lydian
    • Mixolydian
    • Aeolian
    • Locrian
  • 2

    Song Analysis

    • Section 2 Introduction
    • Song Analysis 1 - Capsize
    • Song Analysis 2 - Floating

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