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What Does this Mastering Service Involve?

Simply choose your package, 1, 3, 5, or 10 songs, and send us over your exported WAV/AIFF file.

If you would like to send a reference track, please do, however this is not essential.

Ian will then master your each song within 3 days.

  • We use outboard gear to Professionally Master your Music

  • You get up to 3 Revisions per Song

  • Get Each Song Mastered Within 3-Days

  • DDP Images can be supplied for CD distribution

  • Direct Contact with the Mastering Engineer

  • Choose the Right Mastering Package for You

Professional Mastered by Mastering Engineer Ian Alexander

Ian is an audio engineer who specializes in Mastering; working with all genres of music.

He has over 10 years of experience and has one of the top Udemy mixing courses online.

Ian uses industry-standard Mastering plugins as well as various pieces of high-end Mastering gear, including:

✅ SSL Style Bus Compressor - TK Audio BC501

✅ Induction Coil EQ - Radial Q3 (Pair)

✅ Vintage Style Multiband Saturator - Drawmer 1976 Saturator

✅ Genelec and Focal monitors in his professionally treated studio

✅ TL Audio Valve Compressor

Previous Work

Below is examples of Songs Before and After Mastering

Why have my Songs Professionally Mastered

Having your tracks professionally mastered adds that final touch to your music. It can help your tracks stand up against commercial music and ensure they sound good no matter where they are being listened to (desktop speakers, in the car, club sound systems, iPod earphones etc).

Having a second pair of ears to listen to your music is also invaluable, as the mastering engineer will be able to listen to your music with a new perspective.

Using professional outboard equipment and plugins, Mastering can help give your music more punch, clarity, depth, and volume, really bringing your songs to life!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Will I Get

    - Professionally Mastered Wav file ready to upload to streaming sites such as Spotify

    - 320kbps MP3 file for online distribution

    - Up to 3 Revisions so you can get your song sounding just how you want it

    - If requested DDP Images can be supplied for CD distribution

  • What Will I Need to Send

    - A Stereo file of your song (44.1khz or 48khz) at 24-bit with at least -6db of headroom

    - Make there is no limiter on your master bus in your DAW, as this will negatively affect the mastering process

    - If you have a Reference Track that you want your track to sound similar to, then please send us a link or the file

  • How Long will it Take and are there any Recurring Payments

    - You will get your first song mastered within 3-days of signing up to our mastering services

    - Our Mastering services are one-off payment, and there are no recurring payments

Pricing options

Choose You Mastering Package