Created by Tomas George and Christopher Carvalho

What are you going to Learn in this 6-Course Bundle?

  • Over 20+ Hours and 200 HD Video Lectures

    In this Mixing, Mastering and Distribution Bundle you’ll not only learn all the tools and processes to mix and master your own music in Logic Pro X, but you’ll also learn how to release your music out into the world!

  • This course will cover such topics as :

    Recording Vocals, Microphones, Sound Design, Synthesis and Sampling in Logic Pro X, a Deep looking into Mixing and Mastering, Audio Engineering, Music Distribution and More!

  • How will this course help me?

    By the end of the watching this 6-course bundle, you’ll be able to confidently Mix, Master and be able to release your own music onto Spotify and Apple Music We’ll be teaching the mixing and mastering part of this course using the built-in features from Logic Pro X as well as free plugins


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